Rising Star of the Month of September – Saifali Firdous Sunesara


Saifali Firdous Sunesara, NED Batch of 2011-2012, is our Rising Star of the month of September. Explore the album to know more about his Thesis Project!

Thesis Topic: Electronic Sports Arena for Pakistan

Thesis Abstract

Electronic sports (eSports) viewership numbers have been growing over the years. Video games such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft have a large following. The aim of this study is to explore the possible future aspects that electronic sports can bring which is the moment is considered as a professional career around the world. The advancements in technology and the growth of eSports into an industry has resulted in the attraction of youth who used to play in their time of boredom now tune in to watch their favorite player play and compete on the professional level while they sit at their tables and cheer thus creating a large audience or we can say the gaming community. Moreover, from spectating the game, the trend of betting real money (PayPal, Skrill etc.) and virtual money (Bitcoins, Skins) is now extremely popular with tons and tons of money being transacted on daily basis.

Electronic sports has brought a revolutionary change and invites multinational companies to invest, as well as provides youth employment. In addition, tourism is widely attracted and gives the economy a boost. Furthermore, the interest of global companies like namely ESPN shows how quickly e-sports has developed into a business in which not just the professionals performing are the one that matters but also the viewers who are willing to watch are important as well. The immense emphasis on conducting events with huge prize pools has shown a great deal of interest in arena architecture and using and shaping arena that was used for indoor sports, concerts, wrestling pay per views etc. into a virtual environment that can host an eSports event.

Pakistan lacks in such kind of an arena that can be used for events mentioned above and especially with the recognition of eSports because of the involvement of leading companies like Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) and much more, such arena can surely benefit for the upliftment of an ever evolving industry like eSports. Furthermore, our country having a history of electronic sports and an immense youth involvement, such investment in the form of a space that can provide the platform which our youth needs so that they can project their talent in the world. In addition, space itself can be of a nature that it can be flexible enough to be alive throughout the year.

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