Rising Star of the Month of October – Salman Ur Rehman


Salman Ur Rehman, IVS Batch of 2016, is our Rising Star of the month of October. Explore the album to know more about his Thesis Project!

Thesis Topic: Porosity as a Means to Achieve Synergy between Architecture and its Context

Thesis Abstract

With city centres lacking quality urban spaces, public buildings have an opportunity to acquire a more civic role by creating porous interfaces with their immediate context. This thesis therefore explores the architectural and social implications of designing a porous government (passport) office building. In coherence to the notion that all public architecture must be inclusive in nature, this thesis aims to create activated urban thresholds. Hence the project explores porous spaces as public spaces, improving the public realm experience of the pedestrians and allowing the site to be used as public space where cultural and recreational activities could take place.

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