Rising Star of the Month of November – Yusra Siddiqui


Yusra Siddiqui, University of Karachi Graduate of 2016, is our Rising Star of the month of November. Explore the album to know more about her Thesis Project! 

Thesis Topic: Architecture and Security – Enhancing Safe-Keeping through Architectural Interventions

Site: Korangi. opposite CBM

Thesis Abstract

In the existing time retro, the entire world is having dilemmas with safety concerns. The elementary purpose of having a roof overhead and walls around you are to have safety; a place where you feel secure, protected and have your own doings going on, be it an office workspace, a dwelling, a recreational space or any other activity taking place. The city I belong to has a lot of daily basis offences going on. People neither feel safe in an open place, nor in a sealed built-up space.

This thesis anticipates studying and analyzing the major factors which builds a safer and healthy inhabitable environment. Further, the vital objective is to study the role of architecture in crafting a safer environment and atmosphere. The key point is to develop safety through elements that are unreadable as security elements by the users. Thus, help create a friendlier and safer environment.

This target is achieved by creating four layers of security which are referred as four D’s of defense i.e. deter, detect, delay and deny.

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