Rising Star of the Month of May 2018 – Hira Rasool


Hira Rasool, NED Batch of 2012-2013 is our Rising Star of the month of May 2018. Explore the album to know more about her Thesis Project!



Of Evolving Cultures and Ideologies.


March across the lands, sail across the sea,

There lies a beacon, come ashore,

Let the worldliness be.

Thy pilgrims in search of what you seek,

Here the spirit of faiths await,

Come together! Drown in the knowledge,

The waters bequeath.


It is human nature to conform and identify oneself with a belief system, a thought, an ideology that one lives by. For people to express themselves, overtime spaces emerged that became grounds for expression of those very ideologies and belief systems.

The shrine is a celebration of the saint and his teachings. They are rather pivots in geographies, marking their presence in space, bringing people together. It is because of this inclusive nature of the shrine that we see a certain culture emerging, “the shrine culture”, built upon the notions of knowledge, expression, exchange and celebration.

This project explores Shrines as institutions of celebration and knowledge. This “knowledge” is expressed through different forms of expression. The study led to designing an institution of exchange and celebration. An institution inspired by the concepts extracted from the shrine. Concepts of love, beauty and the way of life.

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