Rising Star of the Month of July 2018 – Marium Nazir


Marium Nazir, NED Batch of 2012-2013 is our Rising Star of the month of July 2018. Explore the album to know more about her thesis project!

Thesis Title:

KOTHA CULTURE IN A CONTEMPORARY CONTEXT – Reviving the arts of a by-gone culture for the social up-gradation of marginalised communities.

Site: 26th Street, Clifton


This thesis is based on the marginalised kanjar and mirasi communities of our society. They bear a legacy of valuable musical and cultural contributions but are denied their position in the world of performing arts due to the social and religious stigma attached their profession; prostitution. Their spaces once reflecting the epitome of grandeur of architecture have reduced to shabby, dingy apartments because the client of today is more interested in sexual services than seeking a cultural experience.

There is a need to revive that lost sub-culture and its arts that will help them regain their status as human beings worthy of health and other rights, and for us to realize the difference between our cultural potentials and values. By providing them a platform of communication and to portray their art and talent we might acknowledge them as human of our society.

The thesis explores the qualities of architecture that can help make connections between “us” and “them”. Giving them a platform to portray the rich culture of performing arts that is a part of their heritage. The aim of this project is not only to create employment opportunities for these people but majorly to help interaction between them and the society in order to see their side of the story. Triggering interaction will help people realise that it is a community with art and they should respect them for it instead of degrading them for a profession which they chose either deliberately or due to some circumstances.

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