Rising Star of the Month of January 2018 – Ghania Shams Khan


Ghania Shams Fatima, NED Batch of 2012-2013 is our Rising Star of the month of January 2018. Explore the album to know more about her Thesis Project!


Defining a Spiritual Threshold: A Memorial for Abdul Sattar Edhi.


This thesis explored threshold as the third space responsible for creating new perceptions.
The research looked into sacred spaces as a threshold between a physical world and the Divine. Targeted at finding a definition of a spiritual threshold by looking into the spatial parameters created around concepts like ‘the Alter’ ‘the Qibla’, concluding that spatial manifestation of such a threshold is around a divinity, a sacred philosophy: A remembrance.

Abdul Sattar Edhi becomes a remembrance of humanity in his humble life. His philosophy towards a religion of humanity becomes a sacred objective around which a memorial was designed hosting commemorative spaces / need based and voluntary spaces / metaphorical. A sectional study was taken where like the layers of a threshold, four layers for his memorial were created; ‘The City’ ‘The Transition’ ‘The Commemoration’ and ‘Becoming Edhi’ which is where a profound change is experienced, a threshold is crossed. A shuttle service is provided which takes people around the city to all his foundations. Questions were raised if Edhi as a humble personality requires a memorial, but this thesis argues that his name is one of the biggest institution in the world and a memorial captures its spirit. Edhi lived a religion of humanity and his sacred philosophy is the objective around which a spiritual threshold is created.

His personality needs to be commemorated in concrete and treated as a landmark to always remind us as we are forgetful people.

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