Rising Star of the Month of February 2018 – Noor Us Sabah Adamjee


Noor us Sabah Adamjee, IVS Batch of 2017, is our Rising Star of the month of February 2018. Explore the album to know more about her Thesis Project!

Thesis Topic:

Recreational Resort for Scuba Diver’s at the abandoned village of Bhit Kori

Project typology: Recreational Retreat

Site: Bhit Kori, Sindh

Area: 140,000 sqft

Concept: Blurring the Boundaries between Interior, Architecture and Landscape

Unlike most static interior environments, nature with its ever changing spatial structure provides a dynamic experience. The aim of this project is to achieve a harmonious integration of interior and exterior environments for a more cohesive experience of the site which is enriched with natural landscape and history. Activities featured by the project aims to enhance economic sustainability of the region that is currently in state of economic turmoil, by incorporating the local skills and design techniques.

About the Site:

Bhit Kori is a village located near the border of Sindh and Balochistan, it is a coastal village that features a hut (12’x20′) studded hill. The village came into being about 70 years ago as engraved on the huts. It was housed by “suwa machli” fishermen, but due to trawler fishing, coral mining, and influence of global warming the village now lies abandoned as the fishermen migrated to in search of better economic opportunities. Since it is a privately owned land the family visits once a year for two months to keep a check on their property and try their luck with suwa machli fishing.


My intervention as a designer and a certified scuba diver is to reimagine the space as a recreational resort for scuba divers as it is a potential dive site. The design program features two iterations of residential modules, restaurant, dive training center and an underwater museum. Scuba dive sites attract an inflow of foreign tourists as dive sites are marked on the Padi Map that is available to all divers around the world. There are approximately 20 different Fishermen villages in the 15km radius of Bhit Kori and all the fishermen are skilled divers and have ancestral training regarding diving techniques and understanding of relationship of wind direction and water. With little training about international diving standards these people can be employed as divers for the resort.

The activity will generate revenue for the community and benefit them in the following ways; Promotion of local craft and artistic techniques such as weaving and pottery that will be featured in designed spaces and will be fused to create unique artworks, it will help create awareness regarding the issues of irresponsible fishing and coral mining on the growth of coral reefs in Pakistan, The design also features an underwater museum that will be the first of its kind it is used as a tool to narrate the historic context of the site along with serving as a coral attracting magnet that in the long run will help stabilize aquatic life and attract various schools of fishes. On a macro level it will list Pakistan as a country that features an exotic dive site and will promote tourism in the region and hence will bring sustainable economic appraisal of the region.

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