Rising Star of the Month of December – Ariba Siddiqui


Ariba Siddiqui, NED Batch of 2011-2012, is our Rising Star of the month of December! Explore the album to know more about her Thesis Project!

Thesis Topic: FILM AND ARCHITECTURE – Learning From Films To Design Better Experiential Spaces


The Architecture includes three-dimensional spaces whereas film is architecture in two dimensions. Both media is used for experience in space. Films let people experience space through camera movement. The architecture allows its users to experience spaces through actual movement. We see a lot of similarities in these two art forms, they both communicate with its viewers/users in the provision of time, movement, events, & story of experiences. Films are composed of the sequence of scenes and scenes are composed of sequences of spaces just like architecture.

My aim is also to see how this phenomenon of film experience informs architectural design and in turn improves our experience of spaces.

Considering movement, time, event & story in both art fields with generating the idea of emotions through spaces, would allow to experience spaces in the new dimension of temporal environment.

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