Rising Star of the Month of April 2018 – Ayesha Zahid Hussain


Ayesha Zahid Hussain, IVS Batch of 2017, is our Rising Star of the month of April 2018. Explore the album to know more about her Thesis Project!

Thesis Topic: Reviving the Portal to Sailing Culture in Karachi

Thesis Synopsis: Karachi’s coastline plays an integral part in defining the city’s identity. It is important, both economically and socially. However, this significant stretch’s potential is largely untapped. Situated on a prominent and easily approachable location, The National Sailing Centre; founded in 1996, holds the prestige of being the first ever sailing centre to be built after partition. The location holds another advantage, of being adjacent to the Benazir Bhutto Park. For my project, I incorporated a cycling and walking track, to and from the park to the centre, turning it into a more inviting and dynamic recreation district. The centre, currently holds a lot of room for improvement, which can be done by the use of creative design. Through design changes, accompanied with the offering of water sports and other creek activities, the Centre can further be developed as a principal recreational site, enhancing Karachi’s coast.

An essential part of my design process was visiting the two main sites related to sailing vessels, in Karachi; Ibrahim Hyderi and Gadani. It is the former where ships and boats are built; the latter is where they are disjointed. This mantling and then eventual dismantling lead me to my concept:  “ Nautical Nostalgia”. It led me to incorporate parts of broken ships and boats like anchors, propellers, along with the use of materials like wood and copper sheets. There can also be seen, the frequent and innovative use of compass and nautical charts in my interiors.

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