Brentwood Brand Alliances – Master Tiles Onboard!


Master Tiles, the number one sanitary fittings and tiles company of the country , and Brentwood, Pakistan’s foremost real estate development firm, have signed an MOU under Brentwood’s “Brand Alliances” initiative.
The main idea behind “Brentwood Alliances” is to bring all the players involved in the real estate game to form one strong allegiance, resulting in maximum brand recognition and customer trust. In this regard, several other entities of the real estate fraternity have already shown immense interest in the idea of Brentwood Brand Alliances and are keen to work together towards bridging the gap existing between project developers and service providers.

“Master Tiles’ association with Brentwood is a key development of our Brand Alliance initiative”, stated Sobiya Munawar, Head of Marketing at Brentwood.

“Brentwood aims to work closely with Master Tiles to educate people about the real estate industry, by keeping them in the loop with enriched real estate content related to current trends, tips, issues and general information of interest to today’s buyers, sellers and homeowners. On this occasion, we would like to extend our warm welcome to Master Tiles, and look forward to working with them.”

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