Brentwood Brand Alliance Presents: The NEOREST Series by TOTO!


When technology meets essentials, NEOREST is what you see. Combining Toto’s signature clean designs and the latest technologies including inbuilt washlet functions, the NEOREST series enhance smart living from the innermost chamber in your home. We know that a lifestyle, which lives up to the future, is about making better technology that touches you from within.


NEOREST is a dedication to a better life that pushes the limits of innovation to make technological breakthroughs. Designed with sturdy lines and coupled with the Actilght and EWATER+ technologies, the NEOREST XH brings new heightened levels of health and hygiene. Enjoy a refreshing life every single day with the pleasure of using a high – tech toilet that always looks and feels brand new.

toto_neorest_flyer_a5_artwork_open-02-croppedUnleash your imagination like how a bowl can appear in a box shape with sleek corners. Appealing to you in the same way as NEOREST XH does, NEOREST LE tops it up with a gadget-like feel with light indicators on the cover with soft and curvy lines.

A step up from the basics, NEOREST AH brings you the comfort of cleanliness with EWATER+ for a brighter tomorrow. Control your everyday with a push on the remote panel.


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