Brentwood Brand Alliance Presents: Kansai Paint – Innovations That You Need!


Kansai Paint was established in 1918 in Japan by Mr Kuatsujiro Iwai, the co-founder of Fuji Film and many other brands. It has now grown to become Japan’s largest paint manufacturer operating in 48 countries across the world whilst being ranked among the top 10 global paint manufacturers.

For the last 25 years, Kansai Paint Pakistan has been the leader in providing paint and paint related services to the Pakistan’s automotive industry. Since then it has continued to maintain its focus on changing the overall complexion of the Pakistan’s paint industry by emerging as a complete paint and coatings solution provider. Working closely with the end users, Kansai Paint has been able to significantly add value to construction companies, infrastructure development projects, home and business owners and strategic organizations. Kansai Paint’s modern technology, eco-friendly products, and access to global research centers have been its major strengths.

Recently, Kansai Paint has provided waterproofing solutions to the Punjab Government’s Orange Line Mass Transit System. Kansai Paint had previously painted the Lahore Metro-bus steel structures with a specially designed Polyurethane coating that ensures a long coating life and as a part of its customer support system, it is sharing Coatings Integrity Reports with the metro bus management highlighting the current status of previously applied coatings.

Kansai Paint’s special polyurethane coating solution, which protects plastic equally as well as it protects metal, has successfully been used by Atlas Honda Limited on their new green bikes, which have been special designed to cater the needs of farmers on an initiative taken by the Punjab government.

Kansai Paint’s internationally certified fire retardant paint has recently been used for treating the server rooms of one of the leading mobile service provider.

Kansai Paint shall be introducing more innovative products to the market in the near future including a complete range of DIY products.

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